Brands Showcase


Savewo (Hong Kong)

Savewo is the first manufacturer in Hong Kong to design and manufacture 3D medical masks. Savewo’s mission is to provide the world with masks and healthcare products of the highest standards.
Logo of SuperV

SuperV (Hong Kong)

Founded in 2017, SuperV provides the latest high-quality and innovative digital products, placing their focus on external portable power sources, travel chargers, mobile and computer accessories.
Logo of Silvertec International Ltd

Silvertec (Hong Kong)

Silvertec International Limited specialises in design, manufacture and export of various high-quality and fashionable personal electronic devices.
Logo of Tribe Maikii srl

Tribe (Italy)

Tribe meticulously designs USB sticks, computer peripherals and audio products featuring the most iconic characters, carefully studying the details of their face, the colours of their costume and their particular features, making them collectibles for devoted enthusiasts.
Logo of The Garden Company Limited

DyDO (Japan)

DyDo has established itself as a major Japanese soft drink manufacturer since 1975. Headquartered in Osaka, they currently own approximately 280,000 vending machines throughout Japan, making them one of the industry's leading players. 
Logo of The Garden Company Limited

Garden (Hong Kong)

The Garden Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based bakery and confectionery manufacturer. Winning several times at International Monde Selection, Garden has become one of Hong Kong’s most recognisable brands.
Logo of Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh

Ya Hua (Singapore)

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh has its humble beginnings in Outram Park estate, one of the first HDB estates in Singapore. Since 1973, Ya Hua’s signature brew of pepper and spices has captured the hearts of Singaporeans and tourists alike. Its winning recipe has won numerous local and international awards over the years.